Proximity Partners is a recruiting and human resource agency in Atlanta metro area that offers recruiting services in the following specialty areas: accounting & finance, office, marketing, manufacturing, information technology, engineering, human resources. Proximity Partners offers customized human resource solutions for companies that need operational human resource tools.

Proximity Partners has a team where each consultant has an expertise in each specialty area. Each company and candidate receive one-on- one consulting to understand their specific need. Proximity Partners understands that every great company begins with the people. In turn for candidates finding the best career fit, begins with understanding career path and branding.

Proximity Partners focuses on excellent customer service, quality of candidates and aligning talent with the right company.

Proximity Partners History

Jazmin Addy has been aligning talent and companies for over a decade. Her focus was to create a company that would serve as a true consultant to each organization regarding recruitment, hiring solutions and workplace morale. For candidates Jazmin has designed a plan for candidates to successfully brand their career identity.

Proximity has helped companies grow by finding talent that not only provided the technical expertise, but believed in the mission, vision and values. Jazmin will continue to lead a company that is committed to providing excellence by placing value on customer service and quality.